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Each week I will post one of my own poems. Feel free to assess, dissect and discuss each poem. At the end of each week I will give what my thoughts and feelings were when the poem was written and its meaning and will then post another poem.

Star Strangled Banner.

O say can you see the hypocrisy
the deceit and the duplicity
the sham simulated pretence                                                                              the blatant patent ignorance                                                                               Have a nice day you say                                                                                   you have a nice fucking day                                                                                 with your no medical cover                                                                                   and shitty low rate of pay                                                                               Smile now your fake phony smile                                                                           tell me how you gonna take it that extra mile                                                             I’ll tell you about the fucking insanity                                                                   sorry, no profanity, no profanity
Now on your face I see the hurt and scorn
no mention of the sinful crime, the sordid porn
the rampant unbridled sleaze
bringing the nation to its knees
But bring out the disrespectful and the profane
you get the same same pronouncing renouncing refrain
no profanity , no profanity, no profanity
oh, the allure of excessive Christianity
Murder, rape and steal with aplomb
but don’t drop the f-bomb, c-bomb, b-bomb
and forgiveness it will not ever, ever come
pardon and absolution it will not be done
And my God, thy God will be all encompassing
he you will respect and not be totally dissing
rock star, movie star, porn star, sports star, celebrity
grateful to whoever or whatever is their higher deity
The selfish, self -centered, self-absorbed thanking their Jesus
upright, uptight, up all of the night doing as he or she pleases
the sham, the phony, the bogus, the fake
the self-delude, those on the make
That’s the ultimate fucking insanity
sorry, sorry again, no profanity, no profanity
from the lowest of the low to the leader of the nation
now not the usual contrived pale-faced Caucasian
From the ethnic majority another political big hitter
maybe just one more jumped up Hollywood bullshitter
sorry, sorry again, no profanity, no profanity, no profanity
and I’d just like to thank Jesus for this opportunity.

copyright A. A .Sheradon 2009